Transform Your Donor Relationships
This session took place May 20, 2014 at 1pm EDT

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The dynamics of donor relationships are changing like never before, allowing us to have authentic conversations with our donors. Instead of sending out stark, costly mailers, are you embracing your donors through rich, bold, all-encompassing communications?

Join Lynne Wester, the Donor Relations Guru, to discover the new standards of amazing donor relationships and communications. You’ll learn how to take calculated risks, embrace mistakes, and innovate to take your donor relationships to the next level! Plus, Lynne will show how you can leverage these new ideas as not just best practices, but next practices!

About the Speaker:

Lynne Wester is the Director of Alumni Programs and Engagement at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte where she oversees engagement, volunteer management, and programming for over 100,000 alumni. It is her philosophy that the goal of any great fundraising operation is to foster the relationship between the organization and its constituents through the use of strategic communications and interactions. Using her expertise and hands on approach, Lynne helps many organizations keep their focus donor driven, technology savvy, strategic, and always with a splash of good humor.

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