Nonprofit 911: Harness the Power of the Crowd

Gary Wohlfeill is the Director of Marketing at CrowdRise and works with partners to develop highly engaging and successful fundraising campaigns as well as developing the CrowdRise brand. Before CrowdRise, Gary was the Creative Director at Moosejaw, a multi-channel outdoor retailer that has been recognized as a leader in brand marketing and innovation in the space.

Tuesday, October 8th 2013 at 1 pm EDT

The power of the crowd is real. If you aren't getting your supporters involved in your fundraising, you're probably missing out on an amazing opportunity to gain both awareness and money for your cause.

Join peer to peer pioneers and founders of Crowdrise, Gary Wohlfeill and Katie MacCallum as they explain their amazing online fundraising platform and show you how to leverage the most modern tools, game mechanics, incentives, and messaging to turn your supporters into incredibly effective champions and fundraisers.

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About the Speakers:

Katie MacCallum is the Campaign & Event Director at CrowdRise and manages event fundraisers for the New York City, Boston, and Chicago marathons, as well as larger charities like the American Red Cross and celebrity campaigns. Katie helped launched CrowdRise in 2010 and has since aided in raising millions of dollars for charities across the nation.

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